"the quality of art is that it makes people
who are otherwise always looking outward, turn inward"


"ember glance" was an installation of sculpture, sound and light by david sylvian and russell mills (enclosure canvas and installation collaboration by ian walton) which was staged at the temporary museum (F-GO SOKO: T33 Warehouse) on tokyo bay, shinagawa, as a part of a series of experimental exhibitions, installa-tions and performances conceived and produced by national and international artists at the invitation of tokyo creative '90.

the following links will lead you to different pages which will give you an impression of the installation:

statements the lakes: preparations
ember glance: the installation the construction: images
recording: the music veils of memory: the credits


all details taken from the book "ember glance - the permanence of memory" (copyright by virgin records 1991, text copyrights by the authors). opening text by the dalai lama.